PapayaMobile Has 50 Million Users, New Social Development Tool

Nine months ago, PapayaMobile, the creators of “Papaya Farm” and “Papaya Fish,” stopped publishing their own games. Since then, the company says it has reached 50 million users and has just launched a new development tool called “Social Splash” that will make it easier to put games on the Android.

PapayaMobile is now an open mobile social network for Android and iOS. The company has seen a 260 percent increase in users with the help of third party mobile developers that have used the SDK and Game Engine platforms to integrate social features and virtual currency into their games for the Android.

The new tool, “Social Splash,” will make it simpler to port HTML5 and Flash games to Android. Because the compilation is done in the cloud, Google+ and Facebook developers will not have to install anything or learn any new code to use it. There will also be a native extension that connects all social features for games using Adobe Air.

Social features include newsfeeds, notifications, leaderboards, achievements, friend lists, avatars, check-in, and private messaging; and can be incorporated into a game with a JavaScript API. With the tool’s virtual currency and billing system, developers will be able to monetize their apps right away.

“This tool is for every developer that has felt abandoned by Flash and crowded out by Zynga,” said Si Shen, CEO and co-founder of PapayaMobile in a statement.

To download “Social Splash” for free, click here.

Image by Ratikova via Shutterstock.