Parade Buries a ‘Promiscuous’ Seth Meyers

Parade hid  a story on SNL’s Seth Meyers, the entertainment for the upcoming WHCD, in a Q and A this weekend. If you didn’t dig carefully through the tiny square-shaped mag you would not have known it was there. It was past the “This Land is Your Land” cover, past the question on Angie Dickinson and beyond the “7 Minute Solution” on how to shampoo your dog (suggestions: “wrap her in a towel and take her outside” or “pull the shower curtain closed and rub her fur with a towel.”) There was no teaser for the Meyers’ story on the cover or inside for that matter.

Kate Meyers, his cousin, is the author.


  • Seth Myers says he won’t really put his routine together for WHCD until the week before. He likes to keep things fresh.”You don’t get into committed relationships with jokes — you become very promiscuous and you want to see what other jokes are out there,” he tells Parade.
  • He thinks Sarah Palin has become “less relevant.”
  • He met POTUS when he did the show in fall of 2007.

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