Paradise Paintball 3D Is The First Social First Person Shooter For Facebook

As the social games space matures, we’re seeing a diversification of the types of games being released. This is no better evidenced by the recent release of Paradise Paintball 3D by Chinese developer CMune. The game is a first person shooter, but is actually very social and leverages Facebook well.

The game attempts to fill the gap between MMO, FPS and social game, and involves standard FPS play. You sign in, create your username and avatar, and then start blasting at other players. As you play, you gain currency which allows you to upgrade your equipment and buy new decorations for your avatar. Of course, if you want to accelerate your growth, you’re able to purchase upgrades using real money as well, and you can buy better weapons and ammo.

The game also is multi-platform, and players can play across MySpace, Facebook, the games main portal, or through a widget. The gameplay is definitely smooth, and you really get a great FPS experience playing the game. After the release of ngmoco’s ELIMINATE fps for iPhone, we’re seeing a slow growth of the FPS genre, and it may lead to a wave of these types of titles.

Try Paintball Paradise 3D here.

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