Patch Freelance Budgets Slashed, AOL Seed Might Be Done

Freelance budgets at Patch sites across the country have been slashed except for “super compelling” stories.

Patch stringers were already not making princely sums, with most writers receiving $50 per story, but it sounds as if even that was costing too much. Patch has shown an increased propensity lately for using free writers, recently asking its network of editors to recruit a total of 8,000 more bloggers for the sites.

While we were reporting out this story, Business Insider beat us to it, by the way.

Meanwhile, AOL’s freelance article assignment platform, known as Seed and launched to much fanfare (look! Big screen TVs! Funny caves! Free popcorn!) earlier this decade, could be defunct. Seed boss Saul Hansell resigned his post months ago and according to Business Insider, there are no stories to claim on

That’s true, but the site says that it’s currently “transitioning to Seed 2.0.” We’ll let you know what we find out.