Patch Wants to Patch Things Up

Looks like Patch is trying to establish a united front.

Jim Romenesko wrote a piece that suggested that AOL’s hyperlocal news network was headed towards “easy, quick-hitting, cookie-cutter copy,” and layoffs.  A number of Patch employees chimed in.

Patch rather they not.

Janine Iamunno, vice president of communications at Patch, sent a memo to staff asking them to refrain from commenting on Romenesko’s story. Of course the memo was leaked.

A portion:

There’s certainly been a lot of talk about the Romenesko “story” yesterday. As much as I appreciate the passion with which Patchers are responding to both the inaccuracies in the post and the snark from other readers, I have to again ask you to not publicly comment on press coverage, no matter how much it makes your green blood boil.

You can see that Patchers’ comments are just fueling the fire of inaccurate speculation and Patch-bashing – which means those comments meant to help us are actually hurting us, and weakening our public position.

Patch urged staff to allow editor-in-chief Brian Farnham’s statement to serve as the official position.

And here’s part of his/Patch’s position:

I’m really sorry that we all have to deal with people in our own editorial family who think Romenesko is somehow a good person with whom to share their half-baked, uninformed opinions about the business at large.