Patrons Couldn’t Even Log Into the GOP Debate Without Thinking of Hillary

Yes, RNC. We can all see the struggle is real.

#ICYMI there was a televised conversation with a few dudes (and one chick) in tailored suits discussing why they would be a swell presidential candidate.

There was a lively conversation. There were tempers flaring. There were drab talking points… well, except for that John Kasich guy (woof). And while the buttoned-up people on stage bantered about the economy (-ish) on Fox Business Network, the shadow of the pantsuit was looming.

How? Just look at the password to connect to the Internet handed out in the Milwaukee Theater by the Republican Party of Milwaukee County.

Thanks to Benny Johnson, Independent Journal tweep (among others), we have a card to view: Your WiFi gate “RNCDebate”. Easy enough to understand. Your password? “StopHillary.”

Yes, the WiFi code was developed by 8th graders looking to make fun of someone’s mother. Can’t you see someone this morning, “Yo! I got a great idea to burn the media.” And then when it became a hashtag leading the nation in search, high fives and cans of Milwaukee’s Best Light were being toasted.

And if you’re wondering why the DNC didn’t think of it first? They don’t have a moving target… yet.