Gay Entrepreneur Recalls Earlier Patti Stanger Put-Downs

It looks like Patti Stanger’s damage control efforts, which encompass an appearance tonight on The Joy Behar Show, may be only just beginning.

Pursuant to her controversial remarks about L.A. gay men on Watch What Happens Live (“…there’s no curbing the gay…”), the Millionaire Matchmaker must now deal with further unflattering framing from program participant Matt Siegal (pictured), whose episode debuted December 28, 2010. Via a press release, this successful gay entrepreneur is alleging that Stanger’s recent poor choice of words was not an isolated incident:

“The outfit they picked out for me was a plain T-shirt under a black leather biker jacket, blue denim jeans, and big black boots. I looked like the picture you’d expect to accompany the definition of the word ‘gay’ in an illustrated dictionary from the 1970’s,” said Siegal. “It was very Tom of Finland.”

Matt arrived for the next day’s taping at a chic New York nightclub wearing an outfit quite unlike the one that Patti had selected: a button-down Gucci shirt with a bright, multicolored pattern of geometric shapes, slim cut gray Prada slacks, and black leather ankle boots.

“When the cameras started rolling and I walked into the scene, Patti went berserk,” said Siegal. “She said that I looked like ‘Liberace on steroids’ and demanded to know why I wasn’t wearing the outfit she’d picked out. I told her that it was because it just wasn’t me.”

Rightly offended by the Liberace comment, Siegal says he deemed the remark “homophobic” but that this particular comment never made it to air. There’s more. “She called me a pedophile because I said that I was attracted to men in their mid-twenties and thirties,” Siegal adds. “I wonder if she would have called a straight man a pedophile for being interested in women in that range.”

From where we sit in La-la-land, our guess is no.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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