GetMayor Lets You Pay To Become A Foursquare Mayor

Just as with all popular new services, Foursquare now has a product that lets you pay to game the system. GetMayor lets users pay to become the mayor of various destinations. At the rate of $24.99 for a one time mayorship, and $89.99 for permanent mayorship, I seriously doubt this product is going to gain traction. The biggest issue here is that there’s little benefit to becoming a mayor of a venue.

In contrast to Twitter and Facebook, where having more followers and fans may potentially benefit your business, becoming a mayor accomplishes very little aside from letting you brag to your friends. Then again, if you can become the mayor of an extremely popular venue, such as a busy airport like Chicago O’Hare, there is a significant promotional opportunity.

Enabling users to game Foursquare however, completely defeats the purpose of using the service. Some of the most active Foursquare users take significant pride in rising to the top of the charts and boosting their friends from the mayor position at their favorite venues. It’s a social game that we play only with our friends (most people don’t want to share their location with everybody).

If for some reason you want to pay your way to owning various Foursquare venues, you can currently do so with GetMayor. Do you think there’s any value in paying to become the mayor of a venue on Foursquare? Do you think people will begin using the service to spam the site?