Payvment Plans Payment App for Facebook Pages

Businesses looking to make money from their Facebook pages will soon have another way to do so, from an e-commerce payment company called Payvment. On November 3rd, it will introduce a Facebook app that can be integrated into a company’s page, so that a user can shop on the page and make a purchase using PayPal without having to click away.

Other companies, like Alvenda, are already offering similar payment services. Payvment is trying to be a universal sort of payment service, so it lets you store items in its “shopping cart” even if you’re browsing between pages. So you can set up orders from multiple pages then pay all at once.

The service will be free. All that is required is a Paypal account.

Like other e-commerce companies on Facebook, we’re watching to see how this one does. There are a couple of shortfalls that will need to be addressed. According to Payvment’s site, the service does not currently support charging sales tax (support is promised soon), so it will need to be added to the total price of the goods. The service is currently only compatible with transactions in U.S. dollars, something that will need to change to take full advantage of the ever-expanding international reach of Facebook.