PBS NewsHour and Microsoft Allow You to Watch Every Televised Presidential Debate Ever

Introducing WatchTheDebates.org.

There is probably no debate story more enshrined in American lore and culture than the first ever televised debate, between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, and the split consensus over who won that cleaved along TV vs. radio audience lines.

Thanks to a partnership between PBS NewsHour and Microsoft, you can check out that debate for yourself, along with every televised presidential debate since, in their entirety or in just-the-highlights fashion, on WatchTheDebates.org.

The site also includes additional interactive and education components, including the ability to compare the debates of the far and near past to see what has changed and what remains the same. Debates can be experienced as individual events or as part of a series of responses to particular issues through the years. Visitors can also vote on whether they agree or disagree with arguments past.

Janet Brown, executive director of the Commission for Presidential Debates, thinks the site has something for everyone. “WatchTheDebates.org invites those new to presidential debates and those who have watched them for many cycles to learn about candidates and issues, connect presidential elections over time, and participate in an online conversation via Microsoft Pulse. We are grateful to PBS NewsHour and Microsoft for using modern technology to bring television history to the 2016 debates,” she said in a statement.

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