Peanut Labs and Nexon Offer Teens Virtual Credits For Completing Surveys

Peanut Labs, one of the leading social media monetization companies, and Nexon, one of the top online MMO companies, are partnering to offer virtual currency to teenagers in exchange for completion of teenage-focused surveys.  The goal is to collect critical research on teenage behaviors and habits when it comes to social games, and then use those to better refine their services.

For three months, Nexon’s online games including MapleStory, Mabinogi and Combat Arms will include offers to gain credits by completing the surveys.  The gaming habits and virtual currency behavior data is in high demand according to Sean Case, Senior VP of Peanut Labs:

"There is huge demand for insight into teens’ behavior," said Case. "Now that Facebook has embraced Peanut Labs surveys as a means of earning Facebook Credits virtual currency, we have unrivaled access to learn what teens want. Partnering with Nexon further extends our reach to teens who play the hottest social games and MMOs."

Nexon uses Peanut Labs for a large part of their monetization services, and the company feels that this will help the gamers, the game designers and the companies in the long run.

"Our gamers enjoy taking Peanut Labs’ surveys in our free-to-play online games. Given Peanut Labs’ experience and the user-friendly nature of their surveys, we know that this survey panel will help us learn much more about what our users want — both online and offline," said Won Il Sue, Nexon America’s Vice President of Business Development.