Peanut Labs Continues To Soar, Announces New Publishers

Peanut Labs, one of the leading monetization platforms with headquarters in San Francisco, has announced partnerships with IMVU,, Baby Gaga and Club Cooee. Over 200 online publishers are signed up with Peanut Labs and using its solutions that enable users to earn virtual currency by filling out offers, completing surveys, participating in market research and taking on local discount deals. Publishers seem to be very happy with their services and we expect Peanut Labs to remain a strong player and grow in this space.

The new partners and their properties include virtual worlds, MMOs as well as social games on platforms such as Facebook. These destinations allow their users to earn game-specific currency by participating in safe and consumer-friendly deals. Peanut Labs’ diversified approach sets it apart from traditional offer providers and have the largest database of surveys out of any player in the industry. Adding to their product offering is their latest launch of Cherry Deals, which allows users to buy discounted deals from local and national retailers while earning virtual credits. It’s a win-win situation.

Although many experts in the industry feel that offers account for less than 10 percent of a publisher’s monetization revenue, many users out there are still expressing interest in checking out alternatives to direct payments. In a survey of 11,000 social media users, Peanut Labs uncovered that 66 percent of those respondents prefer earning virtual currency through participation in market research as opposed to filling out murky CPA offers.

Ali Moiz, co-founder and COO of PeanutLabs stated, “We realize that alternate ways of monetizing social media and online gaming are a win-win both for our partners and their users. Our top goal is innovating monetization, like through our user-friendly market research surveys. Alternate monetization is a vital part of this ecosystem – something our partners realize, too.”

All the partners seem to be happy, expressing their gratitude to Peanut Labs in helping them provide a user-friendly solution in increasing revenue. One notable testimonial comes from Kevin Henshaw, Director of Business Development for IMVU:

“IMVU members want IMVU Credits to buy virtual goods from the world’s largest catalog of over 3 million items. Peanut Labs gives our members ways to earn these credits, and it gives IMVU another stream of revenue. What makes it work is that Peanut Labs’ surveys and Cherry Deals discounts are so appealing to our members.”

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