PEHub Writer Says Brunswick Called To Discuss Her Groupon ‘Nastigram’

According to a post on PEHub (the “PE” stands for private equity), the site published a story reporting on analyst criticism about Groupon’s pre-IPO financials. After the post went up, the writer, Connie Loizos, says she was contacted by Brunswick Group’s Michael Buckley, which is working with the daily deals company. Loizos writes that he called her post “silly” and “inaccurate” and then referred her to the leaked Andrew Mason memo for further evidence of how well the company is doing.

Finally, Loizos writes, Buckley asked her to give him a call before she published “another nastigram” about their client. This conversation sounds so pleasant, I don’t know why she wouldn’t.

The reporter says she doesn’t “begrudge” Brunswick for sticking up for their client, which is what the firm has been commissioned to do, after all. But it’s likely that a call like this isn’t going to build the bonds of friendship between the two. And it’s possible other reporters covering the same topic are having similar conversations. We’ve been in touch with Buckley, but haven’t heard back. We’ll be sure to update this post if we do.

Now there’s news that the big IPO could be delayed because of that leaked memo that Buckley referred to. Just a reminder, Groupon’s director of comms stepped down after only a short stay in the position. It sounds like a tough job.