Penguin eBooks Doing Well on iPad

Despite Amazon’s slap in the face–we reported yesterday that Amazon is now heavily discounting some new Penguin hardcovers to get back at the publishers for withholding its new eBooks over a pricing disagreement–Penguin is apparently doing well on the iPad, reports Sarah Weinman in AOL Daily Finance.

According to Weinman, “As data-free as the preliminary earnings report is, it shows some correlation to how Penguin is faring with its e-books on the iPad, which celebrated its one-month anniversary on Monday. According to O’Reilly Radar, which conducts market and statistical research on publishing patterns, books published by Penguin made up 23.5% of all books available through the iBookstore app — the largest proportion of any publishing entity.”

She goes on to note that we still don’t know enough about what kind of revenue and volume iBooks is generating, but that it’s only going up with a million iPads in the world now.

And there’s no news of Penguin rushing to get back in Amazon’s good graces. We’ll see.