Penguins vs Parrots: Overtake your enemies in this turn-based board game on Facebook

Image via Ooki

An unlikely battle has begun in the animal kingdom in Ooki’s Penguins vs Parrots on Facebook. The game offers strategic warfare, encompassing elements found in games like Triple Town and basic Checkers, as players work to meld eggs into battle units which can defeat their opponents on a grid.

Games in Penguins vs Parrots can be played against friends or against the computer. Each game is turn limited, and allows players to place eggs of three shapes on the board: triangles, circles or squares. When three matching eggs touch, they turn into a penguin or parrot unit of the same shape (depending on which team the player is controlling).

The shapes of these units determine how (and how far) they can move on each turn. For instance, triangular units can move diagonally across the checkers-style game board, while square units can move horizontally or vertically. Round units become bounding pads of sorts, allowing triangular and square troops to travel across more than one square in a turn.

Players defeat enemy units by simply landing on top of them, with games ending instantly if one player runs out of available movable units (circles may still be “alive,” but they are immovable).

Image via Ooki

Like other multiplayer games on Facebook, matches in Penguins vs Parrots are asynchronous, allowing players to have multiple active games at once. Players can purchase specific kinds of eggs, like triangles or squares, for cases when they don’t wish to rely on the random draw pile, and can also purchase the ability to undo moves. Some of these items are given away for free as players progress and complete quests.

Penguins vs Parrots has been nominated for the Best Web and Social Game award at the Game Paris Awards, taking place this month. Its up against the likes of Pretty Simple Games’ Criminal Case.

Penguins vs Parrots is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.