Penthouse Magazine Is Still in Print

Not one of our finer 2016 moments.

At the beginning of 2016, we erroneously reported that Penthouse magazine was going digital-only. Although we were by no means the only outlet to pick up on a CNBC report to that effect (still uncorrected), our failure to independently confirm was sloppy.

As you can see from the image above, the U.S. edition of Penthouse is still very much a viable newsstand and subscription concern. With a cheeky cover-line approach.

In June, the International Business Times interviewed CEO Kelly Holland at the Penthouse magazine offices in Chatsworth, Calif. She talked about the confusing press release that sparked the CNBC item and how she relaunched the operation with a lot of help from Australian licensee Damien Costas:

“We have a business model that took publishing, which was $3 million negative, and has in three months turned it — we don’t have the year-end projections — but what we anticipate is six- to seven-figure positive.”

The December issue of Penthouse marks the debut of a new regular column, “Model Citizen,” written by actor and escort Vin Armani. In a separate October interview with Media Life magazine conducted by Diego Vasquez, Holland outlined the reborn magazine’s editorial approach and once again touched on that mangled January news trail:

”One story comes out, and everybody else picks it up. Nobody fact checks. The first story that went out didn’t get it–yes we’re launching digital and closing in New York, but we’re bringing publishing to L.A. On day two it was, ‘Oh no, we got it wrong.’”

“On day three, one other thing happens. Keith J. Kelly at the New York Post, who had people inside Penthouse, comes out with a story.”

“He wrote, ‘Kelly Holland scrambles to close the acquisition of Penthouse and keep the magazine in print.’ And I didn’t even address that because it turned out to be absolutely true. Thank god [the deal] closed [laughs].”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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