People Magazine Sets the Sexy Table

For what it's worth, our 2015 money is on Chris Pratt.

SMATinderNYPeople magazine has been working all the angles ahead of tonight’s big reveal on Jimmy Kimmel Live of 2015’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”

The publication partnered with Tinder to highlight a select male user in each state. That’s the New York winner at right, 34-year-old Adam Perry, who along with the rest of the Tinder group will be featured in the print issue arriving Friday. Fans of the franchise were also given the option of playing with the #SexiestBitmojiAlive, but the Twitter response to that seems to have been rather lukewarm.

There’s also, inevitably, a quiz, allowing readers to determine which Sexiest man is their perfect match. The editorial crew at People, if nothing else, definitely entertained themselves with some of the multiple choice options:


Sending Dubsmash videos of myself singing Beyonce to any and all who are interested.

Biking through a park at night.

Walking around the house naked, while simultaneously munching on a PB&J and Cheetohs sandwich.

And just a reminder to any and all fans who might fire off a “SMH” tweet about their preferred hunk being passed over for SMA honors: remember that the star has to say yes. Reputedly, Ryan Gosling has said no several times in years prior.

For what it’s worth, our 2015 money is on Chris Pratt.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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