PeopleBrowsr and Twitter Settle Lawsuit Over Access to Firehose

PeopleBrowsr, the parent company of Kred, and Twitter have settled a lawsuit over PeopleBrowsr's access to Twitter's data "firehose," the companies said today.

PeopleBrowsr, the parent company of Kred, and Twitter have settled a lawsuit over PeopleBrowsr’s access to Twitter’s data “firehose,” the companies said today.

PeopleBrowsr will retain access to Twitter’s so-called firehose of data until the end of 2013, at which point it will have to contract with one of the three authorized data resellers with which Twitter contracts.

“”We’re pleased to have this matter dismissed with prejudice, and look forward to PeopleBrowsr’s transition by the end of the year off of the Firehose to join the ecosystem of developers utilizing Twitter data via our reseller partnerships,” a Twitter spokesman said.

PeopleBrowsr said the time frame will allow it to maintain its products that use the data while it negotiates an arrangement with one of the resellers, Gnip, DataSift and Topsy.

“We’ve got eight months to look at that transition what it might look like technically and commercially,” said Kred CEO Andrew Grill.

PeopleBrowsr sued Twitter late last year after the social media company cut off its access to its data stream, which it had used since 2008 to build social products like Kred, a social media influence ranking.

In its court filings, PeopleBrowsr argued that the resellers don’t enjoy access to the full firehose of data, leaving it unable to fulfill its existing contracts.

But given the 8-month reprieve, Grill is confident the company will “get everything we need” to support its products.

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