Pepsi Tweets Apology for Chick-Scoring iPhone App

In yet another example of corporations using social networks to communicate with the public in a less, um, corporate way, Pepsi has tweeted an apology on two different Twitter accounts for its controversial new fratboy-flavored iPhone app, Pick Your Slut AMP UP Before You Score.

The company posted the apology tweet on its Amp Energy Twitter account as well as the Pepsi account. It read:

Our app tried 2 show the humorous lengths guys go 2 pick up women. We apologize if it’s in bad taste & appreciate your feedback. #pepsifail

So what’s possibly offensive about this iPhone app? As CNET’s Don Reisinger explains:

Amp Up Before You Score is described by Pepsi as a “road map to success for your favorite kinds of women–24 in all.” According to the company, the app first helps men “identify her type.” To do so, the app shows a listing of “types of women” and features a “cheat sheet on the stuff she’s into, with lists, links, and some surefire opening lines.”

Among the 24 “types” of women identified by the app are Artist, Aspiring Actress, Bookworm, Cougar, Foreign-Exchange Student, Goth Girl, Married, Twins (yeah, right), Treehugger, and my personal favorite, Rebound Girl. The app also features a “Brag List” (presumably for after you score) so you can “keep your buddies in the loop on email, Facebook and Twitter.”

Here’s an AMP UP video explaining how AMP UP Before You Score can “change your game.” And at the bottom of this post is a screen grab of an AMP UP Before You Score promo page.

Overall I have to say that Pepsi handled this well, at least in terms of how the company used Twitter. They posted the apology on both accounts almost 24 hours ago and have left them at the top, when they easily could have buried them under bubbly greetings to Tweeples and hype for @pepsi’s NFL Rookie of the Week contest. They also added the #pepsifail hashtag, earning some props in the Twitterverse.

Of course, it’s really just PR, since AMP UP Before Your Score remains available for free at the App Store. Which no doubt would infuriate Women’s Studies Major. Fortunately, our friends at AMP UP have some surefire opening lines to win her over.