PepsiCo Social Vending Machines Lets You Gift Beverages

Every now and then I run across a product concept that I really like even if I’m not certain whether it will actually fly. PepsiCo’s Social Vending System fall in this category for me.

PepsiCo Introduces Social Vending System, the Next Generation in Interactive Vend Technology

Here’s how it works:

– Step up to a Social Vending machine
– Select “Gift a Drink” on the vending machine’s touch screen
– Type in the name and cell phone number of the person you want to give a beverage to
– You can also type in a personal message

The person receiving the beverage gift can redeem it at any Social Vending machine and select the “Redeem a Gift” button on the touch screen. It is actually the same button as “Gift a Drink”.

I’m a little leery about the security issues related to having vending machines store people’s names and their cell phone number. I also think that this system would work better using NFC (Near Field Communications). But, these issues aside, I really like the basic idea even if I think it will be difficult initially to find people who can find a Social Vending machine near them to receive a gift.

Oh yes, there’s one more amusing idea from PepsiCo for their Social Vending System: “Random Acts of Refreshment” – This lets you buy a drink for a complete stranger in a specified geographic area.

Video courtesy of PepsiCoVideo

Via TG Daily