Perez Hilton Is the Next Bob Saget

Full House musical spoof lands a name brand.

It’s been an unpredictable summer for fans of 1987-95 ABC-TV series Full House. First, John Stamos was arrested in Beverly Hills on suspicion of DUI. Now this, from Perez Hilton via The Howard Stern Show.


From the report:

“I’m really excited to announce… It’s really exciting for me, I’m going to be playing Bob Saget, basically, in a musical! There’s a new musical based on Full House called Full House: The Musical… We’re starting in Toronto in late August and coming to New York City in September.”

And yes, Hilton will be singing in the spoof. Which further explains his recent work with vocal coach Liz Caplan. The New York run will be Off Broadway, at Theatre 80. Here’s some promising info on the show’s writer-directors:

Bob and Tobly McSmith are huggable weirdos who met at a Furry Convention. They are the writers/directors of Bayside! The Musical!, Showgirls! The Musical! and JonBenet! Murder Mystery Theater! Bob and Tobly have been nominated for a cornucopia of honors including “Most Likely to Improve Sexually” (Tobly, 5th Grade) and “Class Masturbator” (Bob, 1st-12th Grade). Bob and Tobly are 95% sure that Bob Saget is their biological dad.

The disclaimer for the NYC tickets purchase website reads: ‘Due to strong language and no redeemable life lessons, this show is not suggested for anyone under 16 or over 100.’
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