Six Attributes Of The Perfect Facebook Page Administrator

So, here’s the thing: In many ways, hiring a Facebook page administrator is akin to hiring a poster child for your brand. This trusted manager will maintain and update your Facebook presence as if he or she is the brand itself that has come to life.

So, here’s the thing: In many ways, hiring a Facebook page administrator is akin to hiring a poster child for your brand. This trusted manager will maintain and update your Facebook presence as if he or she is the brand itself that has come to life.

The reputation of the page admin will be the reputation of the brand. Thus, it’s imperative that you not rush the hiring process for this position. When scouring the reams of résumés that will cram into your inbox, hunt for these six attributes and skills. Simply put, the integrity and trustworthiness of your brand depend on it.

Social-Media Savvy

When posting the Facebook page admin position, avoid traditional job boards in lieu of social media outlets. Inform Facebook groups that follow your company, drop some characters on the brand’s Twitter feed, and spread word via selected LinkedIn groups.

We’re not saying select applicants only from these pools. But do not even think about hiring a page admin who is not, firstly, active on Facebook, and secondly, fluent in Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and/or Tumblr, or WordPress.

It’s not that the skills required to excel in Facebook page management are complex. Rather, it’s that you want — no, need — the person who naturally gravitated to social media out of sheer curiosity, a craving for ingenuity, an interest in emerging technology, and, perhaps most important, an interest in connecting with and helping others online.


A page admin does not necessarily need a background or degree in marketing, but candidates who make it to the final interview should have a firm understanding of the imperative role a Facebook page plays in a company’s overall online marketing strategy.

You need a page admin who has the bandwidth to absorb the big picture and who realizes that the words and images posted on the Facebook page will be a direct reflection of the brand. This entails a unique and hefty responsibility that the candidate should make clear she or he understands. Your page admin’s plan of action should thus be aligned with the company’s macro goals and overarching mission.


The page admin you hire needs to be likeable. She or he should be the type of individual that unknowingly draws people in like a magnet — without ever trying. But here’s the kicker: This person should especially appeal to your specific demographic and audience.

Your Facebook page is an extension of your brand. Your followers relate to and support that brand. This page is a chance for that brand to come alive and communicate with your fans one-on-one. In the page admin’s hands sits a golden opportunity to boost brand loyalty and trust. You must filter page-admin candidates through the preferences and desires of your audience.

Will your fans like and enjoy communicating with this person? Do you feel confident that this person will be able to quickly and smoothly connect with your fans to establish an authentic rapport? Does this person match the feeling, purpose, and mission of the company? Ultimately, do you see her or his face on the poster?


A Facebook page admin is granted an insane amount of access. You will have to establish guidelines as to what is permissible and what is not acceptable to post on the Facebook page, and then trust the admin to abide by these guidelines at all times — even sometimes at the cost of an immediately gratifying jolt in likes or injection of comments.

Remember, the page admin will post as your brand; he or she will be the brand personified, responsible for posting status updates, videos, photos, adding and removing posts and comments, and adding and removing tabs. When sitting across that interview table from your final candidates, ask yourself if you can trust this person to, at all times, act respectfully and with integrity, while keeping the best interests of the brand in mind.

Fast On Feet

Following that, there are times when page admins will have to work autonomously and extremely quickly to put out fires. Together, you’ll have to come up with a method for dealing with inappropriate or negative comments and content, handling disgruntled fans, and knowing what is acceptable to post and what is not.

You need someone with sound judgment who is comfortable being held accountable and who has the ability and confidence to make executive decisions on the spot, because once you’ve discussed those guidelines, the page admin will have to be able to follow them day in and day out.


If you are hiring a page admin for the first time, it is extremely important to find a person who is able to go with the flow and quickly change course. As the brand’s Facebook page evolves, you will have to suss out how many times daily you want to post, what the page admin should post, whether you want to establish relationships with similar brands and share content, and what types of media to post.

You may want to try new ways of creating contests and competitions for fans, and you’ll want someone willing to experiment and try new things to see what works best with your audience on the Facebook page using various new tools as they emerge.