How To Create Perfect Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest And Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is there such a thing as a perfect tweet?

Sure there is. While the content that you post on Twitter will vary depending on your business, paying close attention to how you tweet can dramatically improve your engagement rates. Having a clear call to action, being mindful to use proper punctuation and shortening URLs (with Bitly) are simple steps everyone can take to optimise the quality of their Twitter output, maximising reader interest and significantly improving ROI.

Other social networks will also benefit from a little TLC. For example, on Facebook, a “less is more” approach to status updates on your brand page, teasing the audience so they can’t resist clicking on your link, can pay dividends. On Pinterest, images without faces get repinned more regularly, while tagging relevant users across all social networks is an easy but effective way to get their attention and help spread the word.

This infographic from mycleveragency takes a closer look at how everyone can create perfect posts on social platforms.

(Source: mycleveragency.)

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