Create A Personalized Newspaper Using Your Twitter Stream

Ever get tagged in one of those “daily news” tweets? If you haven’t, you’ve likely seen them tweeted at someone else. You know, it says something like “Top stories for Something Daily from @you!”

If you ever wondered about making one yourself, we’re about to tell you how you can create your own “Tweeted Times” or whatever you decide to call it.

The Tweeted Times helps you create your own newspaper by pulling the most important content from your Twitter stream and consolidating it all in one place, ranked by popularity. Each item is given a popularity score, like this:

You can create your own paper using existing Twitter lists or keyword searches:

Or you can search for other already-existing results:

And then share your results (or someone else’s) with your followers on Twitter and Facebook. You can also share individual stories if you don’t want to link to the whole thing:

“The Tweeted Times rebuilds your newspaper hourly, and is always up-to-date.” Best of all? You can promote your results automatically:

Yes, we know it’s not a best practice to schedule something automated like this, but if used for a specific list or very narrow topic, it has potential.

Or maybe it’s just spam. You tell us.

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