PETA Has Words for SeaWorld in New Video

This back-and-forth won't end anytime soon.

Back in March, SeaWorld attempted to more assertively defend its damaged reputation and drive the “one-sided” conversation with a campaign focusing on videos in which employees discussed facts about the company and its whales.

The company then took a “real-time marketing” tilt with the #AskSeaWorld Twitter experiment. Like nearly all such campaigns (see Bill Cosby, Robin Thicke, etc.), this one attracted a whole lot of negative attention.

Now, PETA has responded to the original campaign (for which no agency ever directly took credit) with its own.

This is the organization’s in-house take on those ads:

That was blunt!

The organization has surprised no one with its full-frontal assault on SeaWorld, this time playing off a trending hashtag (which no one uses anymore, duh):

The organization has a website, SeaWorldofHurt, dedicated to negative stories about the company. In the release, PETA EVP Tracy Reiman writes:

“Strip away the sheen, and SeaWorld’s newest attempt to prop up its failing brand crumbles to dust. PETA’s ad makes it clear that the best thing caring people can do is steer clear of SeaWorld’s cruel parks until the animals it holds captive are no longer forced to spend their lives in tiny tanks.”

Not sure about that, but we do know this back-and-forth won’t end anytime soon.

And there’s still no word on who, exactly, is advising the company.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.