Nikki Finke Less Than Thrilled With Fleming-Bart Variety Column

It’s the kind of collaboration we expected at PMC-owned Variety. Right there, online today and in this week’s print edition, are Deadline film editor Mike Fleming Jr. and his former Variety mentor Peter Bart, together again in a new column. This occasional feature is called “Double Take” and certainly will cause many Hollywood trade watchers to do the same.

FishbowlNY was curious what Fleming’s current boss Nikki Finke thought about the PMC cross-pollination. She is not pleased.

“I wasn’t even aware that Peter Bart still had a job at Variety until recently,” she told us exclusively. “It’s shocking enough that Variety continues to employ him despite his long history as one of the most unethical journalists at a trade.”

“But it’s even more pathetic that the only way Bart can rescue himself from irrelevance is to do it on the back of Deadline staff,” she adds. “I wish he would just go away and leave us alone.”

There’s no shortage of history of course between Finke and Bart. If you want a primer, check out this delicious March 2009 Deadline item.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.