Peter Chernin’s Next Frontier: New Media?

Former News Corp. President and COO Peter Chernin has been busy since he left the company last June. As Michael Cieply in The New York Times reports, Chernin founded a production company, Chernin Entertainment which will produce traditional films and television series.

But the Times also says that the exec, who was one of the early supporters of Hulu, has some new media plans up his sleeve:

Rather than joining another big media company, Mr. Chernin is in the early stages of assembling his own enterprise, a company of considerable ambition that will meld original content, like feature films and television series, with cutting-edge technologies that use the Web and other digital ways of delivering entertainment.

Last month Bloomberg reported that Chernin was in talks with Microsoft about creating a television channel that would be available through the software giant’s Xbox 360 platform. While such a channel would likely be tiny compared to traditional television networks, in would give ammo to consumers that are looking for ways to cut the cord without sacrificing too much high quality content.

As the Times notes:

Mr. Chernin’s plans could test whether a large-scale business of the kind engineered by moguls like Barry Diller and David Geffen in the 1990s can be built today in the emerging media world, where Xboxes and cellphones can be as important as multiplexes and coaxial cables.

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