What Does Facebook Game Exec Peter Jonas Want From E3? Mobile

The introduction of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and its Oculus Touch controller isn’t Facebook’s sole motivation for attending E3.

The introduction of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and its Oculus Touch controller isn’t Facebook’s sole motivation for attending E3.

Head of gaming for North America Peter Jonas mentioned the fact that gamers use Facebook and Instagram to discover games and connect with other gamers in a conversation with Facebook for Business, and he also spoke about what he hoped to get from the Electronics Entertainment Expo:

Simply more mobile: There’s a ton of opportunity for mobile game developers to create long-lasting entertainment brands that stay culturally relevant over long periods of time. The major franchises have done an amazing job over the years of continually delivering engaging entertainment experiences at E3. I’m curious to see what mobile game companies come up with next and how they continue to evolve into fully fledged entertainment brands.

The other thing I hope to see is console publishers going big in mobile. In the past few years, companies known for their console prowess have put out some quality mobile games. I’m hoping we see more of that this year. Companies that know how to build high-quality games have a unique opportunity to evolve the mobile landscape.

As for where E3 attendees will most likely find him, Jonas said:

I love the game announcements at the press conferences. That’s the most surreal part of my job. Growing up as a gamer, I never imagined that my job would entail sitting in a packed auditorium on the edge of my seat waiting to see if the game is as good as I had hoped. There’s always an air of excitement at E3 that starts when the doors open and carries all the way into the last night of parties. It’s incredibly contagious, and it reminds me every year how lucky I am to work in an industry that I still get so excited about.

Readers: Are any of you in Los Angeles for E3 this year?


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