Peter Shankman on Pepsi App: ‘You Are Never Going to Please Everyone With Your Marketing Ploy’

Help a Reporter Out Founder Peter Shankman was on Fox News this morning to discuss the recent uproar over Pepsi’s new iPhone app, which helps dudes hit on women and then brag about their success. According to the application’s description, it is your “roadmap to success with your favorite kinds of women” and will “change your game and raise your expectations.”

Anchor Alisyn Camerota opened the segment by asking Shankman, “this [app] puts people into categories such as sorting girl, cougar, tree hugger, and gives the guys lines to use on each one of them. So it objectifies women and turned them into block heads. Is this an effective marketing strategy?”

Shankman responded, “I am sure this is not the first app that turns them into block heads. The bigger picture is why is everyone getting on Pepsi about this? If Maxim or Axe shower gel did this, not many people would be saying anything…I did a quick poll of my Twitter followers, and most people said that people need to chill.”

Camerota then said, “some might suggest that a clever marketing strategy means never having to say you are sorry. Already they are apologizing, saying in is in bad taste. They say that they appreciate the feedback. Are they for real?” To which Shankman stated, “They did not remove the application and yesterday and it had even more downloads.”

“So even though they are apologizing, that is part of the marketing ploy?” asked Camerota. “You are never going to please everyone with your marketing ploy,” he said.