Pew Research Study: Traditional Media and Social Media Run Different Stories

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism spent a year gathering data to try and figure out the difference between Old Media and New Media.

The study summary states:

Social media and the mainstream press clearly embrace different agendas. Blogs shared the same lead story with traditional media in just 13 of the 49 weeks studied. Twitter was even less likely to share the traditional media agenda — the lead story matched that of the mainstream press in just four weeks of the 29 weeks studied. On YouTube, the top stories overlapped with traditional media eight out of 49 weeks.

But if you look at the graph above it doesn’t seem like it’s as much Old Media vs. New Media. It looks like it’s what interests Old People as opposed to Young People. Younger folks like to know and keep up with technology, pop culture and science. Old people want to read about their investments and medicine.

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