PewDiePie Added Most YouTube Subscribers in 2013

Music stars like Rihanna and One Direction also high on list

For PewDiePie, the new bros just keep on coming.

The Swedish game-loving, f-bomb-dropping comic personality added more YouTube subscribers in 2013 than anybody else—including Miley Cyrus, One Direction or Rihanna.

PewDiePie is a true Web phenomenon. His channel passed YouTube vets Smosh back in August, hitting 12 million subscribers. As of today he has 17.8 million.

Music artists were among the top gainers this past year, according to YouTube's data. Rihanna's Vevo channel was the third biggest gainer, OneDirection fifth, and Eminem 10th. But it's interesting to note that on YouTube, views don't always translate to subscribers. Ylvis, the duo behind What Does the Fox Say?, is nowhere to be found on the ranker. And Cyrus, despite delivering Vevo's two biggest videos of the year (Wrecking Ball and We Can't Stop), came in 16th place in terms of added subscribers.

Beside PewDiePie, native YouTubers Smosh (third) and Jenna Marbles (eighth) also added lots of new subscribers. Perhaps surprising was the channel that landed in the number two slot: HolaSoyGerman, i.e. German Garmendia, a Chilean comedian who has nearly 13.7 million subscribers.

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