Philippe Starck Returns to Designing for LaCie

Philippe Starck is a busy, busy designer. He has an ongoing reality show where some of the contestants don’t really like working with him, special issues of magazines to design and edit, and mega-yachts to make green. So when something so trivial and annoying happens like running out of storage space on his computer, he needs a quick and easy solution. Such as it is, as Starck has returned to working with LaCie in designing external hard drives. If you follow the thrilling world of hard drive aesthetics (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll recognize that the company has a long history of working with famous designers for special releases, including Porsche Design, Karim Rashid, Neil Poulton, and even Starck himself, back 15 years ago when the company was still in its infancy. So now that he’s done another one, we’re assuming he’ll be getting a coupon good for another 15 years of free hard drives, whenever he wants them. Smart thinking, Starck. Real smart.

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