Philips, T-Mobile, Disney and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for company pages

Philips is this week’s top gainer in the People Talking About This metric for company pages. The company page category includes a wide array of company types including, but not limited to electronics, clothing, food and telecommunications.

Of the top 10 pages this week, seven are US based pages, with three in different languages. Philips saw over a million page engagements, but this is likely do to a recent transition to global pages. The next placing company page which translates to Platinum in English, is a Thai-based clothing company.

This list of top gaining company pages is compiled with PageData, which tracks page growth and engagement across Facebook.

# Name People Talking About Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1    Philips 1,348,637 +39,639 +1,320,438
2    แพลตินั่ม 313,283 0 +261,058
3    T-Mobile 317,649 +125,410 +203,763
4    Disney 594,123 -66,510 +199,094
5    Skinny Cow 291,908 +66,144 +186,151
6    Color Vibe 269,907 0 +175,952
7    Pirelli 158,400 0 +156,471
8    Toda Feminina 178,969 +30,155 +112,714
9    adidas Football 394,468 +12,846 +103,292
10    Passarela Calçados 213,217 0 +90,419

To improve their pages discovery, company pages should offer more detail on their page category. For example, Philips can classify themselves as an energy/utility page. A more precise category will make it easier to find via Graph Search. It will also be helpful for using PageData to track against competitors on leader boards.

Of the top ten, T-Mobile would be better fit under the category “product/service,” Skinny Cow would be better suited for “Food/Beverage” and Color Vibe could be classified as an “organization.”

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