Phluant Mobile partners with Mediaocean Prisma for centralized mobile ad platform

Image via Phluant Mobile

Mobile advertising company Phluant Mobile has announced the integration of its third-party Dojo mobile ad server with Mediaocean Prisma, an advertising campaign management platform. Together, the pair will offer a single platform for advertisers to monitor mobile ad placements, using the same dashboard and tools available for online digital campaigns.

Using the Dojo platform, advertisers can launch and track the analytics of their mobile ad campaigns, while the Prisma interface allows for viewing campaign metrics, analyzing ad performance based on placement, generating reports for impression tracking and billing, and more.

“Phluant offers a unified platform to power innovative and inspiring mobile campaigns,” said David Breckling, CEO and co-founder of Phluant Mobile, in a statement. “Our partnership with Mediaocean gives brands and agencies the tools to eliminate inefficiencies in the mobile ecosystem, and helps create a true omni-channel platform for brand and agency campaign management.”

In addition, Dojo offers ad sequencing, rotation and dayparting for specifying when ads appear, depending on the time of day or day of the week. Advertisers can also further customize their ad placements based on geography, device, carrier and even mobile operating system.

More information about the Dojo platform can be found on Phluant Mobile’s website.

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