Photogene for iPad Added to My Mobile Blogging Toolkit

I’ve been trying to create a good mobile blogging toolkit for years. The WordPress (Automattic) apps for iPhone and Android came very close. But, ultimately, my own ineptness in typing quickly on either a tiny terrible physical keyboard (Droid) or the on-screen iPhone keyboard (which I continue to improve using) kept me from claiming those to be my mobile blogging tools. WordPress on the iPad, however, is another thing. The larger on screen keyboard and options to use physical keyboards make WordPress and the iPad a good tool pair for my blogging kit. James Kendrick of the popular jkOnTheRun mobile tech blog wrote a good overview of his experience with:

Blogging on the iPad

It is, however, missing one sub-topic: Posting images from the iPad in a blog entry. Although this blog is not based on WordPress, my personal blogs are. So, I went in search of a photo editor for the iPad that can resize images for fitting in the width of a blog post. I didn’t see any apps that directly said they could resize images. So, I asked my friend, professional photographer and former editor Derrick Story who runs the excellent digital photography blog The Digital Story for advice. He pointed out that the $3.99

PhotoGene for iPad

can resize images although it does not list it as one of its features on its product description page. I resized a screenshot from my iPad using PhotoGene for iPad and included it as part of a blog entry on my personal blog using WordPress for iPhone/iPad to publish the entry. As you can see in the image above, the blog posting with image worked as expected.

I’ve got one more piece of my mobile blogging toolkit on order: The iPad Camera Connection Kit. After its arrival I think I will be able to call this list of items my mobile blogging toolkit:

– iPad (WiFi only)
– HTC Touch Pro2 running WMWiFiRouter (for 3G tethering) – $19.99 for the app
– WordPress for iPad – free
– PhotoGene for iPad – $3.99
– Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit – $29.99
– Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth) – $69.99
– Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard – no longer available

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