Phrases, Dating, Pages, Video, Friends and Spanish on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by MAU

Phrases were big on our list of top 20 Facebook applications by monthly active users this week, as were dating apps, Page tool apps, Turkish video apps and friend quizzes in both English and Spanish. The apps on our list grew from about 1.3 million MAU to about 291,000 MAU. Our list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Diamond Dash 4,331,904 +1,355,013 +46%
2. Phrases 21,786,672 +938,643 +5%
3. Friend Buzz 7,356,231 +793,703 +12%
4. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa 2,019,705 +750,773 +59%
5. 3,331,937 +696,786 +26%
6. Zombie Lane 2,093,099 +690,038 +49%
7. Gourmet Ranch 3,233,319 +610,643 +23%
8. Monster Galaxy 9,975,061 +513,422 +5%
9. Send Gift 990,291 +502,149 +103%
10. Cupid 6,031,325 +482,686 +9%
11. Frases Diarias 8,657,776 +433,153 +5%
12. Ravenwood Fair 11,930,575 +414,954 +4%
13. Zoosk 7,183,876 +354,835 +5%
14. TrainCity 968,785 +316,859 +49%
15. Videoloji 2,762,785 +316,316 +13%
16. Welcome Tab for Pages 1,045,756 +305,704 +41%
17. Mis buenos amigos 2,505,842 +297,938 +13%
18. Harika Videolar 415,053 +294,483 +244%
19. Are YOU Interested? 17,008,623 +293,050 +2%
20. Phrases (new) 5,303,516 +290,859 +6%

Phrases was on the list in three of its incarnations this week. Phrases grew by 938,600 MAU, Frases Diarias by 433,200 MAU and Phrases (new) by 290,900 MAU. The apps are growing outside of the United States, such as in Mexico and Philippines, because neither Phrases nor Phrases (new) are available in the U.S. Frases Diarias is an app that allows users to select famous quotes to share to their stream.

Three dating apps were on the list, too. Cupid grew in the US, United Kingdom and India by 482,700 MAU. Are YOU Interested? grew in the same countries by 293,000 MAU. Zoosk grew mostly in the U.S. by 354,800 MAU. Cupid has incorporated some Q&A quiz questions generating feed stories to grow, Are YOU Interested? incorporates a yes/no rating functionality of other users’ photos that publishes to the stream and Zoosk is among the most successful dating apps on Facebook.

Facebook Page administrator tools were on our list, too. The iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa app grew by 750,800 MAU and Welcome Tab for Pages grew by 305,700 MAU. Both apps allows Page admins to gather their social media content into a tab or welcome tab. Three Turkish apps were on our list, too. Videoloji grew by 316,300 MAU and Harika Videolar grew by 294,500 MAU; both allow users to Like, share and view videos. Send Gift is an app that users can use to send heart-shaped virtual goods to their friends’ Walls, growing by 502,200 MAU this week.

Apps encouraging interaction with Facebook friends rounded out the list. There was Friend Buzz, which grew by 793,700 MAU by asking users raunchy questions about their friends and publishing feed stories with each answer. Then the app, which grew by about 696,800 MAU.

The newest app on our list, Mis buenos amigos, grew by about 298,000 MAU this month. The app grew mostly in Mexico and has three separate functions. First users can make photo montages with their friends’ profile photos; afterwards users can publish a photo album with the photo, tagging their friends, as well as publishing it to their friends’ Wall and also publishing a general feed story about using the app. The app also allows users to meet other app users and has a Q&A with simple questions about a user’s friends, publishing stories to their Wall with each answer.