Physical Bookstores Drive eBook Sales: Simba

According to a new report from Simba Information, physical bookstores help drive eBook sales.

The Simba report surveyed moreĀ  than 110 bookstores across the country and found that 38% stores said that their regular customers who own a Nook or a Kindle return to their stores to browse without buying anything. Forty-three percent of the same booksellers also said non-regular customers often or very often come to browse before leaving to buy from another retailer.

Michael Norris, senior analyst of Simba Information’s Trade Books Group, stated: “Believing that adults will begin taking to e-books in large numbers because of Borders’ liquidation is a dangerous assumption. Since most adults buy books from multiple channels and enjoy using bookstores for browsing, the loss of a ‘book showroom’ can impact print books and e-books in unexpected ways.”