Picjoy Photo Organization App Launches on iOS

The Picjoy app automatically organizes and tags photos for easy searching and browsing.

While multiple iOS apps have attempted to help users organize their photos, Picjoy has thrown its hat into the ring in a bid to outdo them all. The app relies on what’s described as a “complex algorithm,” which automatically tags each image with tags relating to the time the photo was taken, its location data, month of the year and more.

Picjoy tags camera roll images, as well as those from iCloud. Once these photos have been tagged, users can search for the right image(s) by date, location (something as vague as a city or state, or as specific as a landmark), season, time of day and more. Tags like “morning” or “winter,” as examples, may help users find a specific image when they’ve forgotten where, or in what month, it was taken.

While the app tags each image automatically, users can also manually create additional tags for each photo. In addition, users can add descriptions to individual photos, which are stored in the app’s separate “Stories” area.

While Picjoy supports iCloud to start, other cloud storage options will be added in future updates.

In a statement, Zach Mangum, CEO of Picjoy, commented on the app:

We’ve all been there, mid-conversation trying to pull up a photo with no luck. Picjoy solves this problem so you never miss an opportunity to share an experience again. The average person takes five photos per day on their smartphones, which means 2.4 billion photos are taken on phones every day. With so many pictures, there needs to be an easy way to reference the one you want, when you want it. This should not be a difficult task.

Picjoy is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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