Pick Something ‘gamifies’ popular image browsing on iOS

Image via Pick Something

Former Gamehouse Casino product manager Brian Allen has branched out on his own to create Pick Something, a ‘gamified’ viral image browser, which challenges players to identify the content they think is currently the most popular on the internet.

Image via Brian Allen

Created by a team of two out of Toronto, Pick Something displays a group of four images on the screen, and asks players to choose their personal favorite. Images can contain anything from animals to text quotes and e-cards. Once the favorite has been chosen, users must predict which of the four images is the most popular, even if it’s not their favorite.

Each correct guess gives players points, gold and XP, with gold allowing users to ‘purchase’ images for their virtual galleries. Users can browse images based on themes, like animals or memes, and will level up over time as they become a ‘critic’ of the internet.

Users interested in adding their own images can do that too, earning separate influence as a creator within the system. Users can follow the trends of other submitted items with the captions and hashtags they add to each image, or they can ignore others and post something more unique.

Finally, Pick Something offers a simple image browser, offering the best pictures each day from both Reddit and Imgur.

Pick Something is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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