Ping Hoodie Connects to Facebook, Keeps Users Warm

Clothes aren’t just for covering up the naked human body anymore, as electricfoxy is working on a hoodie that enables whoever is wearing it to connect with their Facebook account without the use of wires, created by designer Jennifer Darmour and called Ping, sister blog All Facebook reported.

Will tech geeks add Ping to their shopping lists, joining items previously reported by WebNewser including the Scottevest, which offers a pocket designed to fit an iPad, and WTFJeans, which come with pockets for the iPhone and iPod Touch? Time will tell.

According to All Facebook, the Ping hoodie uses the LilyPad XBee radio transceiver, along with custom software, and it is still in the concept phase, but it is being designed to allow users to customize their gestures among their friends.

By the way, WebNewser is taking the rest of the day off to complete the designing of cargo shorts that Tweet. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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