Pinterest Introduces Visual Search Tool for Finding Items Without Text

The tool allows users to search for similar items by highlighting portions of pinned images.

Pinterest has announced the introduction of a visual search tool for its platform on mobile and the Web, allowing users to search for items contained in pinned images without using text.

When viewing a pinned image, a new search button in the corner of the image allows users to highlight the portion of the image they’re interested in, and search for similar results. For instance, highlighting a lamp featured in a home decor pin would allow users to search for similar lamps.

Users can resize this search window to highlight different items, and can filter their search results by selecting suggested topics.

Pinterest recently introduced buyable pins to Android users, following the feature’s release on iOS earlier this year. The platform has over 60 million buyable pins, which allow users to purchase pinned items directly from retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus, among others.

The visual search tool will roll out to users on the Web and mobile starting today.