Piper Jaffray & JiWire iPad Surveys Tell Different But Interesting Stories

In a former life I spent years in college and graduate in statistics classes and am still intrigued by the number offered up by various sources in things that interest me like mobile technology. Earlier today, I referred to the Piper Jaffray iPad survey.

Piper Jaffray survey of iPad buyers: 74% owned Macs; 66% had iPhones

Here’s another interesting one from JiWire (a mobile audience media company):

The iPad: The Next Device for an On-The-Go Audience? [Stats]

Both asked a set of similar questions with slightly different results (but probably statistically significant).

Piper Jaffray asked: Do you have an iPhone?
JiWire asked: Do yyou own an iPhone or iPod touch?

You might expect that JiWire’s response would be greater than Jaffray’s. Yet, Jaffray found 66% responded yes while JiWire’s yes response was 57%. You can see that different survey techniques and population samples can provide quite different results.

Jaffray & JiWire asked two different questions that may reveal a bit about probably iPad buyers:

Jaffray: Is the iPad replacing your Kindle (of people who said they own a Kindle): 58% said yes. I don’t think this is a huge problem though. Amazon is in the business of selling ebooks. It shouldn’t matter if it for a Kindle or iPad.

JiWire: Based on a yes answer to owning a BlackBerry, JiWire asked if they were planning to buy an iPad. 27% of current BlackBerry owners said yes. Presumably, they are not considering it a replacement device though.

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