Pipes News App Summarizes Personalized News on iOS

The Pipes news app offers a personalized feed of stories with support for over two million topics.

News app Pipes has launched its updated app on iOS devices. The app offers summaries of news stories surrounding over two million topics, with a focus on personalizing content to each user.

When first using Pipes, users are asked to follow at least four news topics, from Astronomy and Fashion to Parenting and Music, among many others. Once users have followed a few topics, Pipes presents a feed of stories based on these selections, which includes recommended stories from other topics. Each story is presented alongside an image and brief summary. Tapping on the story brings up more content, and a link to read the full article on the original website. An audio option also allows users to listen to stories in the main app and on Apple Watch.

Pipes News App

Depending on the article, content is either available in its normal form, or as four bullet points summarizing the story. When these bullet points are available, a ‘Full Story’ button allows users to read all (or at least more) of the full article without leaving the app. Users can post likes to interesting stories, share articles with friends outside of the app or save stories to read later.

As users interact with Pipes, they may find recommended topics or stories in their feed. When users find an interesting story, they can tap the tag symbol on the article’s image to view and follow its associated topics to add similar stories to their feed going forward. A separate search function allows users to search for additional topics to follow. The app’s customizable push notifications allow users to receive alerts about a few, or all of their favorite topics.

Users can manage their followed topics, read articles they’ve saved and view their app usage stats (like number of articles read) from their profile. In a future update, Pipes will introduce a ‘News & Friends’ feature, allowing approved users to become influencers who can be followed by others and share stories with their subscribers.

Outside of the personalized news feed, a ‘What’s Hot’ tab allows users to browse and read major news stories across all topics. Finally, users can play a Flappy Bird-style mini-game called Pipeball via their profile.

Pipes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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