Pitch, Please: Journalists Sound Off on Media Relations

The week's best responses...to PR pitches.

Right now, we’re all busy celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to make same-sex marriage legal nationwide.

Before you grab that cocktail, though, summer Friday hours leave time for one more edition of our collaboration with Muck Rack in which we parse the week’s responses to good, bad and “what the hell was that?” pitches.

First, it’s like Tinder but for…oh, never mind:

(He’s not the only person who was baffled by that one.) Next: do you dabble?

The American people may now get same-sex married all they want, but one of them is still very insistent on proper capitalization:

On the more serious front, here are a couple of learning moments, first via Brittney Helmrich of Business News Daily:

This is a thing that happens. A variation on the same from John Fingas of Engadget:

Amy Westervelt of The Wall Street Journal takes that line of thinking to its natural conclusion:

Another basic DON’T from Quentin Hardy of the New York Times: don’t pitch via text. How did this person even get his cell number?!

Stephen Shankland of CNET clarifies his pitching preferences so no one makes a similiar mistake in pitching him. Important information!  

This one is a little embarrassing because Patrick Caldwell hasn’t written for The American Prospect in nearly two years:

On the slightly odder front, Elizabeth Renzetti of Globe and Mail has us wondering what “accents of gold python skin” might look like…

We’re also very curious as to which client was behind this pitch to Alexander Nazaryan of Newsweek:

And while we love stunts as much as the next blog person, we’re not sure that we like the idea of “the world’s longest human centipede,” because ewwwww:  

Here’s a classic in the Did We Really Need to Release This News genre via Liam T.A. Ford of The Chicago Tribune:

In other useless facts…

All this nonsense aside, though, today was a good day. Here’s a reminder from Arabelle Sicardi, most recently with BuzzFeed:

Have a great (gay) weekend.

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