Pitch, Please: Journalists Sound Off on Media Relations

The week's best responses...to PR pitches.

Hello and happy Friday again, readers. After a week off due to that early summer vacation bug, we are back with more journalists’ responses to PR pitches.

First, Senior Editor Jeff Dengate of Men’s Journal has a hashtag to describe one pitch he received, which got the gender of his publication (and everything else about) it completely wrong:

Here’s the first:

Other pitchers slipped up on more basics, like this one via producer SHAWN Reynolds:

For the record, that’s an easy mistake to make–we misspelled our own Shawn Paul Wood‘s name more than once. But confusing a tech journalist for a sports journalist?

Kim Zetter of Wired explains that last one:

Oh, and did you hear that things are kind of dry in California?

In other basic facts news, BuzzFeed’s Adolfo Flores is not a girl–and he doesn’t have curly hair either:

It’s true that Harry McCracken of Fast Company has covered projects that started on Kickstarter in the past. That doesn’t make this statement any less accurate:

Here’s one from Nancy Shute of NPR that we almost don’t believe:

Did it really take that long? We don’t even want to know how many Jenner-related pitches she’s received since then. We assume the answer is “way too many,” since someone pitched a Jenner story to the very outlet that broke the Jenner story!

Shute probably didn’t feel guilty for passing on that story…and Owen Williams of The Next Web tells us that the guilt trip pitch won’t work anyway:

On the Completely Insane tip, here’s one from Financial Times Asia Editor Louise Lucas:

As owners of the world’s greatest dog (yes she IS!), we find that image way too disturbing…so we’ll cheat a little on this piece of insanity via Danielle Tcholakian of DNA Info:

Wow. Still trying to wrap our heads around that one. (She covers New York City politics, by the way.) Next. We choose to believe that this joke from HuffPo’s Maxwell Strachan is real:

It happens to the best of us. Next, is “Tinder for X” the new “Uber for X?” Apparently so!

Finally, in More Tinder News, a maybe-real proposed solution to the too-many-pitches problem: just swipe left!

We don’t think that will come to pass, so in the meantime we will continue to report on journalists reporting on the good, bad, and ridiculous pitches they receive.

@PatrickCoffee patrick.coffee@adweek.com Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.