Pitch, Please: Journalists Sound Off on Media Relations

The week's best responses...to PR pitches.

Just as we were discussing the importance of media relations in the PR industry, it’s time for our weekly dive into the muddy waters of social media to find reponses to the best/worst/most ridiculous pitches with the help of our friends at Muck Rack.

Yeah, we did it on Monday after taking last Friday off. But we can’t stop!

First, from Josh Barro of The New York Times: can anything involving Mr. Trump NOT be called garbage?

And may we please retire the term “disrupter?” Is that even a real word?! (No, it’s not. But neither is “garbagest.”)

Next up is Olivia Solon of The Daily Mirror, who may or may not identify as a “bitch”:

See, now we have to know what kind of startup those bitches were pitching.

Next, Ben White of Politico is very angry. And he has serious questions!

The exchange below that tweet is a must-read; it involves NYT’s Mike Isaac and a certain impressionable marshmallow man.

Next, a classic in the “pitchsplaining” genre from Cameron Atfield of the Brisbane Times, who covers politics (but not Scandinavian design!):

Next, we learned a new phrase via Joe Keohane of Esquire: “the summer experiential economy.” How do we know whether we’re experiencing such an economy or not?!

In other news, Keohane may or may not wear ties:

We know Philip Bump of The Washington Post is being facetious here. But we’ll go with his spam screenshot anyway:

Next, in the “Ewww, Gross” genre: how does potty training relate to literary criticism?

…and how do sex and sports relate to “everyone’s favorite grandma?”

We have one comment on this pitch sent to Michael Carl of Vanity Fair: uhhhhhhhh…

That was upsetting–but we can always fall back on the classics via CNET’s Tim Stevens and Fast Company’s Harry McCracken:

What, no “#ChristianDadsWhoVape?”   Here’s another reminder that newsjacking isn’t always the best approach, especially if the news in question involves a prison break:

Next, Ben Leubsdorf, who covers economics for the Wall Street Journal, demonstrates the challenge in connecting point A to point J (for Jurassic):

Finally, from blogger and marketing manager Corrin Foster, a classic mistake revealed:

Have a great weekend…and remember to add the “b” before the “cc.”

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