Plan Facebook Events From Your Home Page

Facebook slightly changed its home page interface Saturday, allowing users to plan smaller, less formal events right from their home page with the addition of a new Events function. The changes was announce in a blog Saturday by Facebook engineer Devin Naquin. The intention is to help users and friends plan more “spontaneous” events like going to the movies or dinner through the service.

“You can now create an event directly from the ‘Events’ box on your home page with one step,” wrote Naquin in the blog. But the change is also designed to create a more social experience when people plan events, since all those invited will be able to post messages, photos, videos, links, etc. to the event’s Wall.

The new Events box is located on the right-hand side of a user’s home page, below where friend suggestions and advertisements are usually found.

By typing into the white box that says “What are you planning?” the box activates an event form.

Then you can add an event, time, place and then select friends with whom to share from either among your Facebook friends or via email. These events can be altered for privacy, too, with Everyone or Private (those invited) options, allowing different people to see the event invite and its appearance in the news feed. Of course the option to create an Event by clicking on the option on the left-hand side of the menu still exists, although this is more useful for more detailed, thought-out events planned further in advance, according to Facebook’s blog.