Plans to Replace Our Aging GPS Satellite Infrastructure

Nearly exactly a year ago, I noted two reports related to the GPS satellites that permit us to have all the wonderful location based services we’ve been seeing pop up over the past few years.

GPS Accuracy Could Start Eroding in 2010 Because of Satellite Launch Delays

U.S. Air Force Says GPS Will Not Go Down. Famous Last Words?

So, is going on to deal with this potential problem of failing GPS satellites? Here’s what the Los Angeles Times reported:

GPS is getting an $8-billion upgrade

The new system, assuming these satellites are actually built and launched successfully, would provide even more accuracy than we have today. I did not note any specified deployment dates. So, this updated system is not a done deal. However, it is somewhat comforting to know that there is work going on to keep our GPS systems fed with location information.

My favorite quote from the LA Times article is from the former Air Force Colonel who led the effort to get funding, design and deploy the first GPS system in the 1970s:

“I was told that the system was useless and that it had no future,” said Parkinson, 75, who is now professor emeritus at Stanford University. “I guess we proved them wrong.”

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