Plarium Announces Alien vs. Predator Update for Soldiers, Inc.

Plarium's futuristic base-building combat game will soon receive a series of missions based on the Alien vs. Predator franchise.

Social and mobile game developer Plarium has announced its partnership with Twentieth Century Fox to bring Alien vs. Predator content to its Facebook title Soldiers, Inc. The game has been played by more than 85 million players since its launch in August of 2013.

Soldiers, Inc. is a base-building combat game, which takes players to the world of Zandia in the year 2019. Players build and upgrade their base using a selection of key resources and can build an army to take into battle against other players.

The game’s upcoming Alien vs. Predator crossover event will be an entirely separate experience from the main game, and will feature full voice acting. The event’s storyline will ask players to ‘investigate a temple of unknown origin and extract assets before a thermonuclear detonation.’ The event will offer multiple missions to complete in a main story line, as well as global and side missions.

As players participate in the Alien vs. Predator event, they’ll have a chance to receive special reward units for their army, as well as other items and boosts themed around the Alien vs. Predator franchise.

In a statement, Leonard Frankel, head of business development for Plarium, commented:

Plarium is thrilled to work with Twentieth Century Fox to bring such an iconic franchise to social gaming. This exciting partnership aligns with Plarium’s overall vision to bring the most engaging experience to our audience by enhancing every minute that players spend with us.

While this is the first partnership of its kind for Plarium, the developer plans to increase its use of branded content going forward. Soldiers, Inc. is available to play for free on Facebook.

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