Plarium brings futuristic combat to Facebook in Soldiers Inc

Image via Plarium

Core social game developer Plarium has launched its newest game on Facebook: Soldiers Inc. The strategy game from the Stormfall: Age of War developer takes players to the year 2019, where they and a team of hired mercenaries have been recruited to claim as much of the Republic of Zandia as they can.

The land is full of mineral wealth, leaving the Republic a corporate war zone as foreign countries and business superpowers each look to take over the region for themselves. In Soldiers Inc, the player’s job is to shut down those other factions, making their own client rich in the process.

Mr. Black, another hired gun complete with voice acting, leads players through Soldiers Inc. He introduces quests, and helps players build their base. As the base expands, players can recruit more soldiers, but need more rations to feed them. This starts a cycle of sorts (and introduces a revenue stream), as players must expand their capacity for rations just as they expand their unit count. Players can pay real money to speed up this, and many other in-game processes.

Image via Plarium

Soldiers Inc allows players to defend their base with turrets, traps, tanks and more, while also deploying units to NPC battles that are completed automatically after triggered. Multiplayer battles are also available against other live opponents, but there appears to be plenty of content for solo players as well.

Soldiers Inc is now available to play for free on Facebook. It has already climbed to over 1.2 million monthly active users, according to our app tracking service AppData.